The Last Post

I had a long, rambling post all written.

It was a big, long rehash of stuff I’ve already written about; a summary, really, of the last decade or so of my life, full of reflections and lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

But in the end, it was nothing that I haven’t written about before, and really, there is only one more thing that’s left for me to say:

We’re good, Kenny-boy and I.  Solid. 👊

Our “new” normal is just “normal” now.

It’s good.  I feel like I have my life back, you know?  It’s not exactly the same as it was before, but you know what?  We shaped it into something better.  

I’m done talking about my marriage, I think.  And after giving it some thought, I’ve decided to just close this blog.  I’m not going to take it offline just yet, but I will soon.  That chapter of my life is over, and it just seems right to close the blog too.  I’m in a different place now.

But I still have things to say, oh yes I do!

I have a new blog to replace this one, devoted to theology.  😀  Particularly provocative stuff.  

You will like it.  I promise.

Link coming soon…

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Come, Thou long expected Jesus

Born to set Thy people free;
From our fears and sins release us,
Let us find our rest in Thee.
Israel’s strength and consolation,
Hope of all the earth Thou art;
Dear desire of every nation,
Joy of every longing heart.

Born Thy people to deliver,
Born a child and yet a King,
Born to reign in us forever,
Now Thy gracious kingdom bring.
By Thine own eternal Spirit
Rule in all our hearts alone;
By Thine all sufficient merit,
Raise us to Thy glorious throne.

By Thine all sufficient merit,
Raise us to Thy glorious throne

Written by Tom Howard, R. H. Pritchard, Charles Wesley • Copyright © Peermusic Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Capitol Christian Music Group